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A Surprise Garden Wedding

How a party went from 'Welcome to the engagement party' to 'I do'

This was the first ‘surprise wedding’ I ever did, and I must admit, I found it quite enthralling. Ellie & Rusty wanted the wedding at Ellie’s family home. Her parents knew but her brother Dillon was kept in the dark. This was to get interesting later. All the legals were addressed as the big day drew near. When I arrived there was a real buzz in the air. I heard Dillon asking Rusty, “You’re a bit overdressed for just an engagement party.”  Rusty shrugged it off with “no big deal, you might as well”.

At the agreed time I grabbed a mic and welcomed everyone to Ellie & Rusty’s engagement party. A few questioning glances suggesting “What do we need this guy for?” I proceeded to explain that I’d only spoken to them for 12 seconds and I had already told them a lie. Silence. More silence. “It’s not an engagement party, and I’m a wedding Celebrant. Screams from the girls and a few worried looks from some of the boyfriends. “Now who wants to get married?” Rusty had made his way beside me, put his hand up and said, (not for the first time that evening), “I do.”

"Well all we need now is a bride", I replied.

By now a number of people were outside frantically making phone calls to delayed or postponed guests. We delayed the proceedings by 30 minutes. It didn’t bother me, I was having a great time.

Have a wonderful life together Rusty & Ellie.

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