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Sara & Jared

How we all got to be here

I wrote a poem for a wedding couple called How We all got to be Here, and it covers the grooms proposal. Always a great way to break the ice and it now seems to be a standard request from couples.

How we all got to be here

It started in Crossfit Gym Mornington, where they both worked

Little did we know a spark of light was hidden and quietly lurked

At a competition in Rosebud, both having a good time

And Jared made his move with a dreadful pick up line

He lifted up a camera, getting ready for the next step

Can you believe he actually flexed his right bicep?

He plucked up the courage, he was just as cool as ice

Asked her out not one, not even twice, but thrice

Still Sara said no, but as a mans man Jared said “that’s fine”

He went and asked her to breakfast, for the 4th time

Thankfully she said yes, this angel from above

But it wasn’t until the 2nd date,  that Jared fell in love

The way she ate her spare ribs his head and heart twirled

Here was a beauty, without a single care in the world

The Superman Rollercoaster, he was flying on one wing

It was there he decided to produce the special ring

Sara was crying and jumping caught up in the total flow

She never answered him, but took the ring though

Will you marry me he asked for the 4th time, honest & frank

Poor Sara thought the whole moment was a bit of a prank

Yes she exclaimed with joy, as she melted into his arms

Here was the man to protect her and fill her life with charms

Holding hands the journey together started,  full of life and cheer

And that Ladies & Gentlemen,    is how we all got to be here.

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