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Tim & Liz

How we all got to be here

Tim & Liz had a beautiful setting in Mt Alexander Park one Sunday morning. It was just one of those magic moments where everything was just perfect. I thought the colour choice of the bride and groom was just stunning. They too wanted a "How we all got to be Here" poem.

How we all got to be here

Initial meetings in life, it sometimes depends

You start off in Canberra as just good friends

15 years later, an open door, no obstacle to hinder

Into the arena came the web dating site – Tinder

Tim couldn’t believe his luck as his head did buzz and fizz

Could this be my old friend, the one and only Liz

Rekindling the good times , like two blooming flowers

And talked on the phone for hours and hours

March 10th Tim looked pre-occupied and a bit capricious

Yes definitely his mood was strange, and a little suspicious

Out came the ring, and this story just gets better and better

7 rubies glistening in Moonee Ponds, one for each month together

Liz said yes as her eyelash was caressed by a silent tear

And that Ladies and Gentlemen is how we all got to be here.

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